Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Simon Says "Yipes, Look at My MiMi!"

Last evening after I went home with Daddy, MiMi was out walking with Kerrian's doggie, Molly, and whoops! she tripped over her own flip-flop and crash landed. Her floppy left shoulder dislocated - again! A very kind young lady running by came to her rescue (a strange sight to see a woman laying flat out on the ground with a doggie standing guard). Then MiMi called her good friends, the Klimts, (perfect to have a Nurse and an ER doctor as best friends!), and before you know it, she was good as new! Mommy asked me to give MiMi a hand today - no heavy lifting! Aunt Kerrian is coming home too so we'll all be just fine! Whew!


  1. Oh My Goodness, Little Man! That's not a good story at all. Derned flip flops; they're supposed to flip and flop, not MiMi!!!

    Reiki winging her way till that shoulder is better. Please direct the Mim that if she needs me I'll come!

  2. No heavy lifting? That means no cuddling! I know Mimi will be relieved to be feeling better... soon, I hope!

  3. oh noooo.....
    cripes...a dislocated shoulder from the one thing that makes summer so special...flip flops !

    well...hopefully winning the contest on my blog will make everything feel better !

  4. Yikes! Im sorry to hear that! Simon, please wish your Mimi well for me!


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