Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simon Says "One Out of Three Is Not Bad"

Awwwh, so what's so special about "Tall, Dark and Handsome"? I think "Short, Light and Handsome" works too! Today I turn 6 months and we went off to see Dr. Duffy. I weighed in at 17.2 which puts me in the 50% range and I was 25" which puts me in the 10-20% range for height. Dr. Duffy was pleased with all of my progress and I was brave and took it like a champ when they came at me with a couple of syringes again too. Six months more and I hear that we'll be partying big time!


  1. Little Man, how like you to take a 'prickly' day and turn it into something good. I admire that about you, very much!

  2. too sweet are you simon...
    and oh yes...a big party before you know it....balloons, cupcakes and lots of smiles !


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