Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simon Says "I'm Puttin On The Pounds"

Well we all survived that two-month check-up on Friday. I just thought you might want to hear about my new stats. I weighed in at 12 pounds 1/2 ounce and was 22 1/2 inches tall! For show and tell I had a bout of reflux right there on Dr. Duffy's exam table and up came the last feeding! Dr. Duffy told Mommy and Daddy that anyone who has had a baby with reflux would pass along their sympathies; but, in spite of it all I am growing and developing perfectly! On Saturday Mommy decided we needed some therapy ... retail therapy ... so this one was snapped of me hanging out on the sofa in Anthropologie while Mommy and Auntie Kerrian seemed to be enjoying the therapy session.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Simon Says "Happy Birthday Auntie Kerrian"

Bunny and I were playing with MiMi yesterday and she told us that today is a big day! My Auntie Kerrian's birthday! I'm going to share MiMi with her and Kerrian took a day off so that they could go off and have a play-date with their friend Margaret. It's all girlie stuff so I probably will stay home with Mommy and Daddy. Say Happy day to her if you see her. Oh yea, I remember now ... I have to stay here because I have my two-month check-up with Dr. Duffy. You remember I like my Dr. Duffy, but today I have to get a boatload of shots ... I am going to be brave ... and Daddy will be with us and we'll try to have a fun day after we get out of there! My Uncle Charley is hoping to race his GTO for the first time today at a racetrack ... maybe we'll go see the cars go vvrooommmmm. Now that's the kind of day Daddy and I like!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simon Says "What Was Your Favorite Toy?"

I bet most of you recognize my little friend over there. Mommy and Daddy just loved them when they were little too. It turns out that these little people are getting harder to find ... so if any of you know where we can find some ... all three of us would give them a loving home! I think this is a great beginning to recycling when a little boy like me in 2009 can play with toys that MiMi or Oma were smart enough to hang onto all those years. I promise I will remember to turn over to other kids toys that I outgrow too. MiMi just found out that the little people celebrated turning fifty years old on 3-21-2009! Happy Birthday Little People! Mommy just sent this picture of some of our favorites. They look good for their age, don't they? Tell me about your favorite toy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Simon Says "Do You See My Daddy?"

I will be 2 months old tomorrow ... MiMi just took this picture of me so we could ask you guys ... do you think I'm starting to look like my Dad? When we compared me to my Mommy's newborn baby pictures, I looked just like her, but now we think things are changing. Sorry, I know I always seem to be sleeping when MiMi takes my picture but from the eyes up MiMi and Mommy think this is all Dad. Stay tuned, I'm a work-in- progress! Well it's another weekend - hurray! Daddy will be home and we usually do everything together. We'll probably do some errands, take some walks, visit Oma & PopPop and we have a nice invitation on Sunday to Mommy's friend, Emily's house and I'll meet a new friend too, her little boy, Oliver. He's about 8 months older so he can show me the ropes. Happy Spring! I dont' get it, it still feels like winter to me!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Simon Says "Breakfast Anyone?"

Dad and I were playing the other day ... or should I say Dad was playing around with me as a prop ... anyway we thought everyone would like to see this funny little picture. I don't personally know much about cereal yet, but it won't be long before a whole box will fit in me rather than me in the box!!! Yesterday we had a really good day ... a long walk in the sunshine felt good to Mom and allowed me a long nap. Then a nice evening at home and I slept like a baby - a very happy baby who was in dreamland for a very long stretch! That was a real treat for Mommy and Daddy because the night before I was a bit out of sorts and we were dragging when the sun came up. I hear spring is coming tomorrow - whatever that means, but I think everyone seems really happy by the smiles on their faces when they talk about it, so I'm all for it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Simon Says "I Joined A Gym"

Today I had a little time at the gym. Boy reaching those pieces hanging over my head was harder than it looks. It took all of my concentration but as you can see I persevered and knocked them a good one! Well, I'm off to the mat for a little nap.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Simon Says "Would Someone Like To Take My Cold? I'm So Done With It!"

Here I am once again visiting Dr. Duffy... catching a few zzz's while waiting for her. I am 7 wks old and I weighed in at 10 lbs. 11.5 oz. This yucky cold is making all of us miserable ... and it gets mixed up with my reflux issues so we can't tell which to blame for my upchucks. MiMi said I'm like a ticking time-bomb after eating ... which I guess is another way of saying feeding me can be a blast! So, if I could just get rid of this cold/cough we'd be doing much better. When things are quiet and me and Mommy just look into each other's eyes, well, that's the best. Daddy and Mommy just feel badly for me ... that's what love does ... we hope in a few weeks we'll have something more fun to talk about ... like long walks, picnics, splashing in a pool (Mom just bought me a cool swimsuit!). Anybody want to join me?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Simon Says "I've Just Been Hanging Out"

Life hasn't been bad lately ... just not full of news. I have been struggling with a cold. I gave it to my Dad trying to get rid of it, but it didn't leave me completely yet. The weekend was great ... my Oma and PopPop were both feeling better again and invited us over for a reunion! It had been three weeks since we'd seen each other. They looked the same to me, but it seems that I looked like a whole new person to them! It was great to spend time with them at their house just playing and then they had us over to dinner on Sunday too. I hope I didn't offend the cook, but I fell asleep on the dinner table! Monday was sunny and still warm so I went to see MiMi and take a walk in her neighborhood. MiMi wanted a smiley face but I can't help it, that stroller just puts me to sleep! I'll be seven weeks old in a couple of days ... but of course five of those I should have been hiding in my Mommy's tummy still. Well, I just couldn't wait to come and meet my family. We're all doing well and I'm learning every day about life as a baby and Mommy and Daddy have been on a learning curve too! I give us all A+!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Simon Says "Look At My Mom After Sleep!"

My Daddy gave my Mommy a real treat over the weekend. He took on the night-shift and Mommy got two nights of real sleep! Don't you just love to see her smile? Seeing how happy it made her, I'm a bit jealous and I actually can't wait until I, too, can sleep for a 6 hour stretch! Then all three of us will be ready for a full day of fun. The scale keeps confirming that I am growing bigger each day so those nights of sleep will come one day. My visit to Dr. Duffy today was due to my head cold - this doesn't help my sleep - and I weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz. I'm into the double digits!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Simon Says "What, Oma is still on sick leave?!"

I can't believe it! I have not had a visit with my Oma in over two weeks. Boo. Mommy says it's a little lesson about sharing ... Oma has stayed away because she loves me and because she's doesn't want to share her germs ... she'll share all her love and hugs and kisses and Oma surprises. Doesn't that sound like I'm one lucky guy? So, Oma, if you're reading this, please keep resting and get better as soon as you can ... I'm waiting for you!!!