Friday, March 27, 2009

Simon Says "Happy Birthday Auntie Kerrian"

Bunny and I were playing with MiMi yesterday and she told us that today is a big day! My Auntie Kerrian's birthday! I'm going to share MiMi with her and Kerrian took a day off so that they could go off and have a play-date with their friend Margaret. It's all girlie stuff so I probably will stay home with Mommy and Daddy. Say Happy day to her if you see her. Oh yea, I remember now ... I have to stay here because I have my two-month check-up with Dr. Duffy. You remember I like my Dr. Duffy, but today I have to get a boatload of shots ... I am going to be brave ... and Daddy will be with us and we'll try to have a fun day after we get out of there! My Uncle Charley is hoping to race his GTO for the first time today at a racetrack ... maybe we'll go see the cars go vvrooommmmm. Now that's the kind of day Daddy and I like!

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  1. Big Doins' for the whole clan! What fabu energy. And, I love how your eyes are beginning to focus on everyone of us. You're a delight, Little Man!


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