Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simon Says "Lunch at MiMi's & Then Errands"

Today was another check-up with Dr. Duffy and so Mommy had her morning all planned out. Up and starting our morning routine two hours before it was time to leave. Well, it didn't exactly go as planned ... this GERD can surprise you. Just when you think things have settled down, UP it comes (and by "it" I mean the entire feeding!) Whoops, sorry Mommy, now we both need a change of outfits! And I'll be eating again real soon ... just where or when I can't say. Well, I am now 9 lbs. 7 oz. so you can tell that I am getting my nutrition! After the doctor's visit we went to MiMi's house for lunch and then off to do some errands. The rest of the afternoon wasn't quite as challenging for Mommy. Her next big challenge is to try to follow Dr. Duffy's advice - she wants her to cut out all dairy for a week or so to see if I like that better. Whew, Mommy's diet is usually cheese on everything and anything and she's an ice-cream fan too. Sorry again, Mommy! I owe you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simon Says "Jack Is Always A Favorite!"

MiMi has plans to watch the Academy Awards on TV tonight ... how about you? Mom and Dad and I will probably be asleep long before the end of it. I haven't seen a movie yet, so I really don't know what the fuss is about. Once I get a little more active I think I'll be starring in a lot of home movies! Well, when my family saw this picture of me, they all thought I was doing a very good impression of one of Oscar's favorites, Jack Nicholson. What do you think? I think I got the crazy-eyed, eyebrow-raising down right and the hair is working too!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Simon Says "Hmm, I'm feeling like my old 2-week old self"

I feel like new ... or my old self, or better ... whatever, I have been able to sleep peacefully the last day or so and that makes all of us feel better! Mommy and I are spending time just chillin around the house ... both trying to catch up on our beauty sleep.
Dad has to use his earplugs to get a good night's sleep. He's off to the ship everyday whether he's sleepy or not! We'll probably play a little this weekend or go visiting ... I will be happy to have us all together!

Simon Says "Got Milk?"

Well, actually that would be "Got Barium?" I decided to just drink that stuff down and get this picture taking of my tummy over and done with quickly. Well, the good news is that I didn't need any "work done down there" and the picture told Mommy something she already knew ... that my meals are coming back up the way they went down! So now I get some minty medicine a couple of times a day and hang out upright for a spell after eating ... and I think this is something I'll hear many many times ... it'll get better with time! I am now four weeks old and so we can now count me in months!!! I am one! One month old!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simon Says "My Tummy Hurts"

Here I am at three weeks old. Things were going so well that Mommy was hoping she wouldn't hear the funny word, GERD. But it seems like that might be what is now making me fussy and then I've been returning my meals after eating. We went to see Dr. Duffy again today and she thinks I am joining that gerd club ... not a pleasant induction. I have to go to GBMC tomorrow to have some "barry-um test" done and Mommy got some medicine to try out too ... hopefully this will make me feel better soon and that will make Mommy and Daddy feel better too. In spite of all these tummy aches, I still grew bigger ... 8 lbs. 11 oz.!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Simon Says "I Lost My MiMi"

I don't know what happened but I haven't seen or heard from MiMi in two days ... then my Mommy told me she had a very important trip to make to someplace far away to say goodbye to a good friend ... and my Mommy promised that she is going to be home tonight and I'll get to see her tomorrow for sure! I missed her and I am guessing she's missed me BIG time too! Hey, I'm not sure what it means, but Happy Valentines Day to my whole big family!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Simon Says "Happy Birthday Oma"

I wasn't old enough to stay up and celebrate with Oma and her friends but they had a surprise party for her on Saturday. I don't know my numbers yet, but there was a number bigger than 59!!! My mommy went to the party at MiMi's house, but since it was all girls, my daddy was staying with me at home. I hope we will always have lots of buddy-time because it won't be long before I think we can play with his toys (tools) and make all kinds of racket and enjoy teaching each other things! Right now, I think I'm teaching him the mysteries of babies!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Simon Says "I Add the Pounds On While Mom Takes Them Off"

Today was another trip for a weigh-in at Dr. Duffy's ... I am beginning to think she just makes excuses to see me! Happy to report (seems Dr. Duffy was overjoyed) that I now weigh in at 6 pounds 10 ounces. Mom was told that this is way over the top for a 35 weeker, but I guess I come from a long line of over-achievers so its just in my genes. They had to do a heel prick, but I guess I got away pretty easy this time ... I overheard some crazy talk about three shots on my next visit. I can't help it though, I really like that Dr. Duffy so I'll be back and be brave too! I don't want to make my Mom cry!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Simon Says "Can I Cry Uncle?"

That would be "Uncle Charley", help .... at last another guy who isn't getting all goo-goo at me! You see, the Aunts out-number Uncle Charley, but that will just make us closer buddies over the years. I've already heard his car (not heard "about" his car, I mean literally "heard" his car) and it must be a perfect set of wheels ... maybe I'll get the keys one day, in say 16 years! Okay, that might be a stretch, but he tends to hang on to his wheels - there's also a 20-year old pick-up truck. Ah, you gotta love a guy like that! You remember that my Aunties from Atlanta came up to meet me. Well, here I am with Lauren and Rama. If I have any interest in starting my own business in a few years, they are the ones I know I can turn to. They seem to turn a great idea into a money-maker through creativity and really working hard. I'm sure they'll know how to market my lemonade stand!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Simon Says "We were tinkled pink"

Today was another fun trip to Dr. Duffy's office for my weight check. Daddy had to go back to work today, so MiMi went with us. I played my usual trick on the medical assistant - unloading a little excess "waterworks" while she had me on the scale! You can see by my picture that I found that very entertaining! I surprised everyone ... weighing in at 6 lbs. 7 oz. Eating and sleeping ... hey, it's not a bad life!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Simon Says "Here's my Aunt Julia"

Remember I told you that my Aunt Julia came to meet me the other night. She was busy working in DC last week when I was making my surprise arrival ... but that's a good thing ... I wasn't going anywhere and could chill out and wait for her to return to Baltimore. I already know that Aunt Julia will be the one to go to when I'm ready to learn to roller skate. She's on the roller derby team here in Baltimore! Oma, PopPop, MiMi and Aunt Kerrian love to go watch and one day I'll get to go too!