Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Simon Says "Can I Cry Uncle?"

That would be "Uncle Charley", help .... at last another guy who isn't getting all goo-goo at me! You see, the Aunts out-number Uncle Charley, but that will just make us closer buddies over the years. I've already heard his car (not heard "about" his car, I mean literally "heard" his car) and it must be a perfect set of wheels ... maybe I'll get the keys one day, in say 16 years! Okay, that might be a stretch, but he tends to hang on to his wheels - there's also a 20-year old pick-up truck. Ah, you gotta love a guy like that! You remember that my Aunties from Atlanta came up to meet me. Well, here I am with Lauren and Rama. If I have any interest in starting my own business in a few years, they are the ones I know I can turn to. They seem to turn a great idea into a money-maker through creativity and really working hard. I'm sure they'll know how to market my lemonade stand!

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  1. Wanting to be CEO seems to run in the family blood, Simon and I'm certain you'll feel the same urge and passion. The nice thing is, that you have creativity and compassion all mixed in the same package. Outstanding, I'd say.


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