Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simon Says "MiMi Has Made A Show 'n Tell Video Tour"

Just so you know where you can find me, MiMi made this little tour of my new playstation! I love it! If it looks like fun to you, then will you come over and play one day?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Simon Says "MiMi Calls Me a Human Vacuum!"

I've been mobile on all fours for months now ... but as you can see I've gotten my speed up! But no matter how quickly I move along, MiMi is always amazed that my eye catches each and every little speck on the floor. I stop and point it out and if MiMi doesn't get to it first, it's usually on its way to my mouth. If your eye sight is failing and you'd like to borrow me for a run around your carpets, just call MiMi!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Simon Says "I'm Number One!"

Mommy and I thought we might have the day together but the winter weather predicted did not arrive so here we are arriving at MiMi's. They sang to me and hmmm, that doesn't usually happen. What's up with today? It's my birthday!!! I'm number one!
MiMi tried adding a candle to my cereal and fruit but I had other plans.
Some people think that now I'm a big boy but I still like to be babied and MiMi says so does she!
My first year has been full of fun times and if you can't remember all of it, you can always go back through Simon Says and see my life all over again! Thanks for sharing in each day with me and stick around ... there are BIG things ahead!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Simon Says "MiMi Needs A Word With You"

Well, here in blogger-world, all is not well. There seems to be a technical problem within the system that has made all videos posted through blogger go black. The "Help" thread was interesting to read and made me feel a little better ... just to see that this is a worldwide problem not some crazy misstep that I made. I had a cute video of Simon that I've been trying to get posted for two days now, but no luck ... and then panic when I saw that all the previous videos wouldn't play. A Blogger employee has posted that they are aware of the glitch and working on a fix ... so stay tuned! Even Simon is annoyed ... he's been looking at my computer screen ... growling ... looking at me puzzled and wondering why I won't play it for him!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Simon Says "I've Got A New Playstation!"

Align LeftMiMi had been talking with Mommy for many weeks about creating a new play area for me. Well, while I was sleeping yesterday, look what she created! "Who needs a dining room?" says MiMi ... "people will just expect you to cook!"
Oma came with her friend, Susan, to see for herself. They had fun watching me check it all out. And Mrs. Green brought me a gift and, boy oh boy, it's one of my favorite things! Music! My very own radio!
Oma was on hand to lend her lap and help me get an afternoon feeding in! Yum ... we like these special times together!
See this? I have my very own chair to sit in here in my very own library! Wow, it wasn't a dream! And it's filled with the things dreams are made of ... mostly, love!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simon Says "I'm Not Lost But I Do Spend Everyday Now Out Exploring"

I know it has been weeks since I've filed a blog for you all. I apologize but let me tell you I've been busy, busy, busy ... and MiMi would like you to know that this means that she has been busier, busier, and busier. Getting my mobility has opened up a whole world here at MiMi's. I think this is some kind of a face mask perhaps to keep me from breathing in any burning smells that MiMi makes in this particular room on occasion. Here I've found I'm also in hardhat territory ... better safe than sorry.
I found some papers I just might need ... could it be a treasure map? Hmmm, this drawer doesn't have what I call good noise-makers at all. Well then, I'm off. So many cabinets and so many drawers and there are rooms I haven't even gotten to yet! And when I finally have pushed myself to the limit, this is where you'll find me and MiMi. Even all the great explorers need their sleep ... and so do their support teams!