Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simon Says "My Agenda - Meet and Greet all Week"

I had a full schedule this week so that I could meet more of my relatives. I met my Aunt Julia (that's my Daddy's older sister) on Wednesday night when she came over with Oma and Pop- Pop. I can't share the picture with you just yet because it hasn't made it to MiMi from my Dad's camera but stay tuned. Then on Friday my two Aunties Lauren and Rama came all the way from Atlanta to meet me. They peeked in on me last night but I was on my way to bed and not very sociable. I got my beauty sleep though and today I made the first trip over to MiMi's house for a family gathering. Even my Uncle Charley was there, so it was the first time all of my Mross side got together with me. I also got to meet my first dog! Molly was checking me out and wondering what all the fuss from everyone was, but I think we'll be good buddies.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simon Says "I Have An Angel Grandpa"

Today is my Grandpa Charlie's birthday. We are all thinking about him today and I am told that my middle name was given to me in honor of him. I am looking forward to learning all about him and it will be nice to know that I will always have a special Angel looking out for me, listening to me and helping me do my best! Happy Birthday Grandpa Charlie! I went to the doctor this morning and she was happy to see that in one week I am back up to my birth weight, 5 lb. 14 oz.! This is a picture of the outfit that fits me perfectly ... I'd take control of the remote if I could, but it's almost as big as me!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Simon Says "Have You Met My Folks?"

We've been snowed in and I think I'm the only one who is really okay with that. I didn't have any plans and don't really know what I might be missing out there, but Mom and Dad are a little antsy. I don't think you've seen one of our latest family pictures. That's my Mommy, Kim M and my Daddy, Elijah R and me in the middle. Well, I hope to be enough entertainment for them for the rest of today and tomorrow we're off to another visit with Dr. Duffy in the morning. If we get too many more snowed-in days, they just might have to get cable!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simon Says " MiMi Thought You Should See This"

Today it's snowing here in Baltimore and my Mom and Dad had to go out and do some errands ... so MiMi came to stay with me. She wanted to do girly things like "dress-up" but by the look on my face she could tell I wasn't into that. (I know how to pretend to look like I'm sleeping!) I went along with this pretend dress-up because she thinks it helps to show you my size (this onesie was a present for me from my Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Kerrigan and it's size 0-3 mos.). Remember yesterday I told you some big people are a little scared of me ... I think I can work this to my advantage somehow too. MiMi says there's a saying "good things come in small packages" ... that's me!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Simon Says "I Am Small, But Don't Be Scared"

Here I am with my Aunt Kerrian ... doesn't it sort of look like she's holding me? Well, really that's my PopPop ... you see, I am so small that I've been told big people are actually a little scared by my size! Imagine that! So I have been eating really well so that I can grow fast and then I know my Aunt Kerrian and others will be able to play with me. I haven't met her yet, but I'm told my Aunt Kerrian has a fluffy little doggie named Molly. I haven't met a dog yet, so that will be a big event! Maybe Molly is more my size and won't be afraid of me. My Aunt Kerrian is a doctor and a good one ... but only for big people - another reason to keep growing. I went to see my own Doctor Duffy today and she was very proud of Dad and Mom. She said they're doing such a good job with me that I was progressing better than expected. Since I came home I gained 3 oz. Don't I have the best parents? I also love my doctor and I love my Aunt Kerrian and I bet I'm going to really love Molly too.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Simon Says "I'm a Homeboy Now - Welcome to my Crib"

The excitement of today was like time-travel ... the world was whizzing by ... then I found myself feeling right at home in a very special place, created just for me! The decorators (aka Mom and Dad) were caught a little off guard by my early arrival, so I'm told the art has not been hung. There is still so much for me to take in. Dad and Mom just can't get enough of me yet, so they're keeping me right next to their bed at first, but soon I'll have this whole fun room to myself! Life is Good!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Simon Says "Meet My PopPop and Oma"

Simon would like you all to meet his PopPop and his Oma (aka Paul and Betty Racicot). He knows he's a lucky little guy to have so many people fall in love with him so easily ... he could tell in an instant that this was love-at-first-sight for them all. PopPop will spend lots of quality time with Simon as he's growing ... after all he's had lots of experience in that arena since he took such good care of Simon's Dad, Elijah and his Aunt Julia when they joined the family. PopPop is a kind and gentle man who has a wonderful sense of humor and is a perfect example of a loving husband and father - quite a role model! Oma has been working hard on patiently waiting for this big day to finally come ... in fact, perhaps Simon just couldn't stand to make her wait five more weeks so he showed up early. I think they'll be like that forever ... helping out by doing favors for each other! Oma is one of those "grand" grandmothers who can show him how to make all kinds of things by hand ... she's quite a talented lady! And she's already made him a thing or two to keep him warm or decorate his new room at home. They're going to be good buddies, he can tell! Soon Simon may introduce you to more of his family, but right now he's exhausted from the big day yesterday and he's still learning people's names and faces. Stay tuned ... there's a big family tree with lots of branches filled!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Simon Says "I can't wait ... Here I am!"

Eileen became MiMi 5 weeks earlier than expected because Simon Charles Racicot decided his time had come! Kim worked a usual day yesterday and went to bed feeling fine. She awoke at 2am noticing a warm flow ... but no contractions. She woke Elijah who had to be convinced that this was real. They were directed to drive to the hospital (GBMC) and arrived 2:30am and she was informed that she was already 4cm ... once labor started progressing she went very fast and Simon arrived, after just 20 mins. of pushing, at 7:22am. I got a call from Kim at around 7:50am. She sounded so absolutely calm and normal I was not ready for the news. I asked, "Hi honey, how're you doing today?" She responded, "I'm fine. Your grandson is here." I said "Right, you're kidding. Wait, do you mean you're in labor?" "No, your grandson is here." I've been on such a high since that moment. You might have heard vibrations in the air from my excited whoops! Elijah was the perfect support for both Kim and Simon and he is becoming adept at swaddling him just the way he likes it! Simon has met most of his immediate family ... Oma & Pop-Pop, Aunt Kerrian and Uncle Charley ... Aunt Julia, and Aunties Lauren and Rama will meet him soon. If all continues to go this smoothly, they'll be released home by late Saturday afternoon. My new career will now begin a month earlier than we thought, but I am prepared and, truth be told, I can't wait to begin this new phase of my life. We have been blessed by Simon's arrival and he, in spite of his early appearance, is healthy and glowing and he has given us all a renewed sense of wonder. We all know that his Grandpa Charlie was walking those hospital halls proudly today. As I entered this morning, my route to meet our new grandson took me just past the administrative suite where Charlie's office was back in the late 80's. Charlie knew they were all in good hands and receiving excellent care and he is beyond proud of his little girl! Simon Charles will come to know his Grandpa through us all and he'll know how much he's loved and watched over by his Angel Grandpa!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simon in progress ...

Kimberly on January 18, 2009 with five and a half weeks to go waiting for Simon to "come home".