Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simon Says "I Have An Angel Grandpa"

Today is my Grandpa Charlie's birthday. We are all thinking about him today and I am told that my middle name was given to me in honor of him. I am looking forward to learning all about him and it will be nice to know that I will always have a special Angel looking out for me, listening to me and helping me do my best! Happy Birthday Grandpa Charlie! I went to the doctor this morning and she was happy to see that in one week I am back up to my birth weight, 5 lb. 14 oz.! This is a picture of the outfit that fits me perfectly ... I'd take control of the remote if I could, but it's almost as big as me!


  1. Dear Simon:
    I wrote a blog about your Angel. Your Mom will read it to you so you will know how everyone feels about him and how much he was loved. He was/is a great guy!

  2. You're a lucky boy to be named after CDM!

  3. Hi Simon. Iam Fiona's Gram. I want to tell you (and your Aunt Kerrian) not to worry about being nervous because you are so small. Fiona was your size and her Auntie Kelly was afraid to hold her because she was so small. It took about a month before Fi grew "big enough" for Auntie Kelly to feel comfortable holding her. So, keep on growing and pretty soon you will feel the warm, gentle touch of more and more "big people" who love you.
    P.S. I loved the picture MiMi took of you covered by the 0-3 month onesie. Maybe she could do that once a month so we can watch you grow!


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