Thursday, January 22, 2009

Simon Says "I can't wait ... Here I am!"

Eileen became MiMi 5 weeks earlier than expected because Simon Charles Racicot decided his time had come! Kim worked a usual day yesterday and went to bed feeling fine. She awoke at 2am noticing a warm flow ... but no contractions. She woke Elijah who had to be convinced that this was real. They were directed to drive to the hospital (GBMC) and arrived 2:30am and she was informed that she was already 4cm ... once labor started progressing she went very fast and Simon arrived, after just 20 mins. of pushing, at 7:22am. I got a call from Kim at around 7:50am. She sounded so absolutely calm and normal I was not ready for the news. I asked, "Hi honey, how're you doing today?" She responded, "I'm fine. Your grandson is here." I said "Right, you're kidding. Wait, do you mean you're in labor?" "No, your grandson is here." I've been on such a high since that moment. You might have heard vibrations in the air from my excited whoops! Elijah was the perfect support for both Kim and Simon and he is becoming adept at swaddling him just the way he likes it! Simon has met most of his immediate family ... Oma & Pop-Pop, Aunt Kerrian and Uncle Charley ... Aunt Julia, and Aunties Lauren and Rama will meet him soon. If all continues to go this smoothly, they'll be released home by late Saturday afternoon. My new career will now begin a month earlier than we thought, but I am prepared and, truth be told, I can't wait to begin this new phase of my life. We have been blessed by Simon's arrival and he, in spite of his early appearance, is healthy and glowing and he has given us all a renewed sense of wonder. We all know that his Grandpa Charlie was walking those hospital halls proudly today. As I entered this morning, my route to meet our new grandson took me just past the administrative suite where Charlie's office was back in the late 80's. Charlie knew they were all in good hands and receiving excellent care and he is beyond proud of his little girl! Simon Charles will come to know his Grandpa through us all and he'll know how much he's loved and watched over by his Angel Grandpa!


  1. Well, well, well done! Congratulations MiMi! And to all my Mross Clan. He's a handsome one but nothing less could have been the case. I've written all about you on my blog this morning. So, Simon is well on his way to be known by the world. Love you, MiMi Mross!!!

  2. He seems to take after his middle name sake, Charles. He already loves playing tricks on you!


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