Monday, January 26, 2009

Simon Says "I Am Small, But Don't Be Scared"

Here I am with my Aunt Kerrian ... doesn't it sort of look like she's holding me? Well, really that's my PopPop ... you see, I am so small that I've been told big people are actually a little scared by my size! Imagine that! So I have been eating really well so that I can grow fast and then I know my Aunt Kerrian and others will be able to play with me. I haven't met her yet, but I'm told my Aunt Kerrian has a fluffy little doggie named Molly. I haven't met a dog yet, so that will be a big event! Maybe Molly is more my size and won't be afraid of me. My Aunt Kerrian is a doctor and a good one ... but only for big people - another reason to keep growing. I went to see my own Doctor Duffy today and she was very proud of Dad and Mom. She said they're doing such a good job with me that I was progressing better than expected. Since I came home I gained 3 oz. Don't I have the best parents? I also love my doctor and I love my Aunt Kerrian and I bet I'm going to really love Molly too.

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  1. Funny that Molly makes the blog today considering that you had to admit being animal challenged on my blog today! lol I love everything about this please Simon, keep saying!


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