Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simon in progress ...

Kimberly on January 18, 2009 with five and a half weeks to go waiting for Simon to "come home".


  1. This will be the best blog in the whole, wide world! Not just because of the topic, but because of the bloggeress is the bestest! Look forward to all the future blogs. Thank you from Oma & PopPop

  2. He must have long legs like someone we know!

  3. Congratulations! Beautiful baby, beautiful parents, beautiful grandparents. The world has been blessed. What a very lucky baby.
    love to all,
    Nancy Cassidy

  4. Quit making me cry at work :) SO excited for you all. Can't wait to learn more about this precious baby and his impact on all your lives. I said the same thing Nancy did yesterday...our world is blessed!

  5. We're so excited!! Love the Blog idea. I'll be looking forward to each & every detail of this little prince!
    Bless you all!
    Big hugs!
    Mary Gay & Ken


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