Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simon Says " MiMi Thought You Should See This"

Today it's snowing here in Baltimore and my Mom and Dad had to go out and do some errands ... so MiMi came to stay with me. She wanted to do girly things like "dress-up" but by the look on my face she could tell I wasn't into that. (I know how to pretend to look like I'm sleeping!) I went along with this pretend dress-up because she thinks it helps to show you my size (this onesie was a present for me from my Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Kerrigan and it's size 0-3 mos.). Remember yesterday I told you some big people are a little scared of me ... I think I can work this to my advantage somehow too. MiMi says there's a saying "good things come in small packages" ... that's me!!!


Isn't it fun to share? MiMi loves to share with me all of your thoughts or giggles about our little stories ... so please don't keep them to yourself ... we look for them everyday.