Friday, July 31, 2009

Simon Says "Is That a Beach Bag I see MiMi?"

MiMi tells me she's a beach bum at heart. It just can't be summer if she doesn't get a day or two to sit in her chair with her toes in the sand and to walk along the water's edge searching for treasures. I haven't done anything like that yet, so I will just have to take her word for it and hope that one day soon I'll tag along to enjoy the day too. I hear that building sand castles and searching out crabs and watching the sea birds can entertain you for hours! Oh yea, and there is one more thing MiMi says she does while beaching it ... and that is one thing I can do ... devour a good book!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simon Says "Another Summertime Treat"

I hear that enjoying a nice seafood dinner on a summer's evening is quite a treat. Here in Maryland, that most probably would be crabs, but friends from Maine seem to choose lobster, so I'm giving it a try. Did I tell you? My MiMi is going off for a few days to the beach with Aunt Kerrian ... yep, they're planning to grab some seafood too! They're looking for a couple of days to have their toes in the sand, some sun on their backs, walks and biking and searching for shells and beach glass. One day I know I'll get to join in all of that fun too! I am so excited ... next week I will have lots of time with my PopPop on Monday and my Oma on Tuesday! We're going to have so much fun with gobs of play time and snuggling time!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Simon Says "I Might Make You Jealous"

Well, I warned you ... here's how it goes down around here at MiMi's house each day. Mommy and I arrive around 8 in the morning. We've been up at home getting breakfast and ready to head out the door. Around 9 o'clock I get my yummy cereal and fruit and then around 9:30, I'll top that off with a few ounces of a bottle. Boy, after that I am exhausted and it's time to hop in bed and get a little nap in. That's the part that will probably make you jealous ... doesn't everyone want a nap around mid-morning? The weather around here today is a bit unsettled ... we probably won't make it to the pool, but hopefully we'll at least get to take a walk. MiMi's friend Deborah is back from her trip and she wants to come visit ... so I need my beauty sleep. I love to look my best!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Simon Says "New Grub and a New Chair"

The menu has been enhanced lately ... now I am on to some fruits and vegetables along with my cereal! When you get to eat from a spoon you need a new spot and look at my cool chair. Our good friends Remy and Chase and their parents were kind enough to lend MiMi all kinds of baby things and I am the lucky guy getting to use it all! Who knows what's coming next? I think when I am no longer painting the table-top with my food MiMi will let me sit at the big table with everyone else. I'll enjoy this while I can!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Simon Says "This Monday Brought Goodbyes"

Well, Monday mornings are hard enough already, aren't they? When I got to MiMi's my Aunties were there, but soon enough it was time to start saying my goodbyes. Mommy was out the door first, then Aunt Kerrian followed - they were both going to their offices here in Baltimore, so I know I'll see them later today. But then Aunties Lauren and Rama had to leave too and they're flying back to their home in Atlanta. Thank goodness we have plans to go down there in about a month, so our goodbyes were just really, "See you soon!" MiMi just loved having Lauren and Rama here for four whole days! We had lots of play time and they all partied at Aunt Kerrian's on Saturday (no one let a little downpour ruin a good time!). I also got to meet a new friend, it's my buddy Harrison's Grammy! She got to give me lots of hugs and kisses (I think I was a stand-in for you Harrison, for at least some of them!). Hope your weekend had some sunny and relaxing moments ... ahhh, good ole summertime!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Simon Says "We All Gathered to Say Ole!"

Last night it worked out that everyone was free to meet at our favorite Mexican restaurant after work for a tasty dinner and a chance to be all together. That's one of MiMi's favorite things in all the world. Auntie Rama took this photo of us and the only other person we're missing is my Daddy. He worked a little late and wasn't able to come so we missed him. I've been showing off my sitting up skills and my jumping skills and life is pretty good these days because almost everything I do seems to make everyone smile and say "Awwww". How long can this last?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Simon Says "This Rain Can't Dampen My Spirits Today!"

Today there are too many happy things going on to let a little rain (okay, it's pouring I know) make me blue. First of all, a shout out of Happy Birthday to my Great-Grandma Kerrigan today!!! This is her 85th and MiMi says by the time you're turning 85, you don't mind so much telling your age to folks! We hope she has a fun-filled day with lots of smiles and laughs! My Aunties Lauren and Rama arrived last night too! They came by to visit last evening and we'll have a couple of days to play! Speaking of play ... you should see the very cool playroom my Daddy built just for me at my house! I am ready for some playdates ... would you like to come?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simon Says "One Out of Three Is Not Bad"

Awwwh, so what's so special about "Tall, Dark and Handsome"? I think "Short, Light and Handsome" works too! Today I turn 6 months and we went off to see Dr. Duffy. I weighed in at 17.2 which puts me in the 50% range and I was 25" which puts me in the 10-20% range for height. Dr. Duffy was pleased with all of my progress and I was brave and took it like a champ when they came at me with a couple of syringes again too. Six months more and I hear that we'll be partying big time!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simon Says "Say Goodbye to the Bumbo"

I figured you could enjoy one last picture of me and my Bumbo seat! Yep, I think we can put this away for Mommy's next baby. I'm really getting the hang of this sitting on my own ... wahoo! Tomorrow my Aunties Lauren and Rama are coming for a visit from Atlanta and I can't wait to show them ... me, all on my own, sitting up proudly! Well, MiMi and I are off for a walk to Starbucks ... seems they're giving away a free pastry today and that's not an offer MiMi will let go by!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Simon Says "Hey, It's Monday ... Hang In There!"

Well, it's a Monday morning and what can I say, MiMi is having difficulty getting this picture any larger for my blog. I don't think you've gotten to see the Racicot family all together in a while and so I wanted to share this. I got to go over there on Sunday and we had a great visit! The weekend was full of home projects, errands, a party on Saturday night and visiting family. My Aunt Kerrian was a weary traveler by the time she got home, but had a great time in Italy. Stay tuned for later in the week ... I go for my 6 month check-up and we'll have new stats! Hope your Monday is starting the week out quietly and doesn't make you wish it was already Thursday!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Simon Says "Lunch with Uncle Charley and My New Friend"

MiMi and my Uncle Charley have the same craving sometimes and when they do they meet at The Stable for ribs. Well, I was loving all of my time there ... colorful lights all over and more video/tv screens than I could imagine. But look, Uncle Charley brought me a new friend! Mommy and I love elephants! This guy is about my size and I love scrunching my face right into his soft fuzzy body! Thanks Uncle Charley! It's a Friday again isn't it? The big event we are all looking forward to is that my Aunt Kerrian is returning home from her trip to Italy. I heard there are over 400 photos! Ready for a marathon slideshow? Surely we will all want to go after we see all the fun she had ... and we all will be glad to have her home safely. Have a great weekend with whatever plans you're making ... or the wonderful surprises that pop up!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Simon Says "Don't You Just Love Playdates?

Molly and I had some friends come by the other day for a playdate. These are my friends, Remy and Chase (well, they're Molly's friends too ... in fact Molly has known them longer than I have!). I shared my playstation with them, even though I'm the only one that fits into the driver's seat! I can see from watching them that I'll have so much more to explore when I'm bigger and running on my own two feet ... look out world, here I come! Hey, Remy and Chase, can you wait on me just a little longer to play a game of kickball, tag or hide and seek?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simon Says "Daisy, Tell Me True"

Let's see, she loves me ... she loves me not ... Every time she sees me she gets a BIG smile on her face ... When she holds me she can't seem to help it, she says she just needs "one more" hug ... Everyday she sings me a special song - just for me ... Whenever we take walks she plays music by great composers for me to enjoy ... When I am going to sleep she soothes me, when I wake up, she is there to gently greet me too ... and I guess since this is the 100th story MiMi has written about ME, I think it is safe to say ... SHE LOVES ME!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simon Says "In the Blink of an Eye"

Can you tell? Look no bumbo seat, no props, it's me sitting up all by myself!!! Well, this may speak more to the quick speed of MiMi and her camera. We work on this new skill every day and the other day she was able to aim and click the shutter in a blink of an eye ... before I toppled . I am getting better and better and I like the freedom and independence this gives me. As you can see, my Grandpa Charlie angel bear was giving me a perfect example to follow!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simon Says "Adding One More to the Kerrigan Family"

On Saturday MiMi, Mommy and I went to Virginia to a cookout. It was to celebrate Will and RaeAnne ... they are getting married in January. Will is my Mommy's cousin. Will is a Capt. in the USMC and he has already spent two tours in Iraq. We'd like to think he'll never have to go back! RaeAnne was so sweet and we're excited that we'll get to see her again in November in Orlando. You're also looking at a picture of me with my Great Uncle Terry and Great Aunt Emilce. Terry is my MiMi's brother and they live in Virginia.We had a great time getting to see old friends and make some new ones! That was our big travels for the weekend ... I think it may not compare to my Aunt Kerrian's big adventure. She called MiMi from Italy and it sounds like she is having a ball. Sunny skies and temps in the 80's and some of the most spectacular scenery and meeting lots of interesting people from all over! Oh, and something about shopping for leather bags ... geesh, it's a girl thing I think!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Simon Says "I'm Just Loafing Around"

MiMi and Aunt Kerrian took me out to lunch on Tuesday to Panera. Mommy is a BIG fan of bread and so MiMi wanted to see what I might think of it too. Well, I was just getting into it and had no complaints when, geesh, the photo opportunity was taken and then my loaf was taken too. Seems I have to wait on teeth before I can really chow down on what seems like a real treat! MiMi, Mommy and I are going to Virginia tomorrow and I'll get to meet a few more relatives. My Mommy's cousin, Will Kerrigan is engaged and we're off to a party to celebrate! I think it will help to begin to learn a few names before we join the whole gang in November!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Simon Says "Here's a Shout-Out to Some of my Northwest Relatives"

Here are some fun people that I haven't even had the chance to meet yet ... but I will this November when the Kerrigan family all meet in Orlando. Remember my Aunt Kerrian was visiting in Seattle, Washington? On her last day there she went to Bonney Lake to see some relatives. Here they are ... my Aunt Kerrian is sitting in the middle and you probably recognize her ... but MiMi tells me that the others are MiMi's brother, Kevin and his wife Leslie (my Great-Uncle and Aunt), then on the far right is their son, Sean, Kerrian's cousin, and his wife Rachel, and the two little guys that I'll be able to play with are their sons, Caleb and Eli - let's see what does that make us? Second cousins? Wait until you see pictures when we get the whole BIG group together ... 56 of us!!! I'll be one of 15 great-grandchildren! I think we'll need name-tags!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Simon Says "Happy 64th Anniversary! - WOW"

Yesterday was a big day for my Great-Grandma and Grandpa Kerrigan. It was their wedding anniversary! Aren't they lookin' good out on the dance floor?!!! This picture was actually from last May when they came up to Baltimore to help celebrate my Daddy & Mommy's wedding! My parents have 63 years to go to match this anniversary! MiMi and I just got back from driving my Aunt Kerrian to the airport. Didn't she just get home? Well, yes, but she's off today for a trip to Italy! That's way far away across an ocean ... I wouldn't want to be in my carseat that long! But, trips are wonderful and I will look forward to many more adventures traveling the world. How about you? Do you like to travel? And what's been your favorite trip?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Simon Says "Yipes, Look at My MiMi!"

Last evening after I went home with Daddy, MiMi was out walking with Kerrian's doggie, Molly, and whoops! she tripped over her own flip-flop and crash landed. Her floppy left shoulder dislocated - again! A very kind young lady running by came to her rescue (a strange sight to see a woman laying flat out on the ground with a doggie standing guard). Then MiMi called her good friends, the Klimts, (perfect to have a Nurse and an ER doctor as best friends!), and before you know it, she was good as new! Mommy asked me to give MiMi a hand today - no heavy lifting! Aunt Kerrian is coming home too so we'll all be just fine! Whew!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Simon Says "Boy, Have You Seen the Traffic on 95?"

Daddy, Mommy and I made it safely back home and, boy-oh-boy, there is no place like home. I slept like a baby! Remember a little while back I told you that my parents got me something special at the yard sale? Well, here it is ... my own wheels! I've got to practice a little more, but soon I'll be ready for my own road trip! Pack your bags! MiMi told me all about her weekend ... she, Uncle Charley & Tricia went to see the fireworks at Oregon Ridge Park on Saturday night. She told me it was a beautiful night and the symphony concert was lovely. MiMi says that she missed me BIG time ... and I am having fun being here playing with my exersaucer again. I forgot how much fun can be found in this little seat.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Simon Says "We AreTaking a Bite Out of the Big Apple"

Photo courtesy of Getty,
Well, here we are ... do you see me? ... there, down on the street to the right of that really tall building. Oh wait, I think a bus just passed and blocked your view. Isn't this just an amazing sight? If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting here yet, make plans, grab some friends or loved ones and join in the excitement only found in NYC!

Simon Says "Let's Celebrate All Weekend!"

I know that July 4th is a day we celebrate our independence (although I don't know much about that just yet) and I know it's really tomorrow, but Daddy and Mommy and lots of others got today as a holiday from work so I say we start celebrating right away! We're off to NYC and we get to spend the night with Pat and Beth and see the Big Apple ... I'm not eating apples just yet but I'll go along just to see what the fuss is about. The tallest buildings I have ever seen are some of the ones right in downtown Baltimore, but I hear I'll see some so much taller than that today! And yellow cabs all over, and millions of people, and hot dog stands on almost every corner, and big bridges and a train that goes underground and even under the river! I just hope I don't sleep through too much of it all! I hope Oma & PopPop and MiMi and all of my Aunts and my Uncle Charley have plans for some fun too and we can tell each other all about it when we're together again soon. Here is Betsy Ross' contribution to our country's celebration ... I mean no disrespect, I was just starting the picnic early. For a great read on what the significance of July 4th is for us all, please go to . Holly Dietor's blog today is a great little history lesson and a reflection for each of us on claiming our own futures!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Simon Says "Ahhh, Summertime and the Living is Easy!"

As you can see, yesterday was a glorious summer day and perfect for a visit poolside. MiMi's friend, Deborah, came over after my nap and we spent some time visiting in the shade by the pool. Doesn't get much better than this does it? Well, maybe so ... remember tomorrow I leave on my roadtrip to NYC with Daddy and Mommy and we will have lots of new adventures! I work on boats too, like my Daddy, but as you can see it's more like trying to nibble down the mast! Hope your holiday weekend plans are coming along ... maybe a cookout, a picnic, the pool, friends and family, fireworks ... sounds like good times for all! It's time to celebrate the red, white and blue ... stars and stripes ... the good ole USA!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simon Says "Coffee, Tea, or Me?"

Good Morning ... here I am at MiMi's kitchen table ... we looked around and thought the only thing that is missing here is ... YOU! When we were talking yesterday about the summertime fun we're looking forward to, we know that everyday would be more fun if it's shared with our family and friends. So now you can see we're always ready to pull up another chair at the table ... so maybe you could come play here with us one day ... hope to see you soon!