Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simon Says "Daisy, Tell Me True"

Let's see, she loves me ... she loves me not ... Every time she sees me she gets a BIG smile on her face ... When she holds me she can't seem to help it, she says she just needs "one more" hug ... Everyday she sings me a special song - just for me ... Whenever we take walks she plays music by great composers for me to enjoy ... When I am going to sleep she soothes me, when I wake up, she is there to gently greet me too ... and I guess since this is the 100th story MiMi has written about ME, I think it is safe to say ... SHE LOVES ME!


  1. And the only bigger love that could be there today on this 100th story is how much we love her.

    Congrats to you for being so loved and to MiMi for having this lovely blog.

  2. gosh...could he be any cuter ???
    oh, he is just yummy !

  3. 100th story! Did you win a prize?

  4. awww! now, isnt he just the sweetest!!! :-)


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