Monday, July 6, 2009

Simon Says "Boy, Have You Seen the Traffic on 95?"

Daddy, Mommy and I made it safely back home and, boy-oh-boy, there is no place like home. I slept like a baby! Remember a little while back I told you that my parents got me something special at the yard sale? Well, here it is ... my own wheels! I've got to practice a little more, but soon I'll be ready for my own road trip! Pack your bags! MiMi told me all about her weekend ... she, Uncle Charley & Tricia went to see the fireworks at Oregon Ridge Park on Saturday night. She told me it was a beautiful night and the symphony concert was lovely. MiMi says that she missed me BIG time ... and I am having fun being here playing with my exersaucer again. I forgot how much fun can be found in this little seat.


  1. Glad you're back with us, Little Man. And, I hope every trip of your life, you'll be very glad to go, but even more happy to come back home!

  2. Traffic on 95 always gives me a crick in my neck. I hope you were able to sleep through most of it!

  3. sometimes home feels even better than it did when you left....doesn't it ?


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