Monday, July 20, 2009

Simon Says "Hey, It's Monday ... Hang In There!"

Well, it's a Monday morning and what can I say, MiMi is having difficulty getting this picture any larger for my blog. I don't think you've gotten to see the Racicot family all together in a while and so I wanted to share this. I got to go over there on Sunday and we had a great visit! The weekend was full of home projects, errands, a party on Saturday night and visiting family. My Aunt Kerrian was a weary traveler by the time she got home, but had a great time in Italy. Stay tuned for later in the week ... I go for my 6 month check-up and we'll have new stats! Hope your Monday is starting the week out quietly and doesn't make you wish it was already Thursday!

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  1. No, I'm trying to be grateful for each day as it is and not ransom my life for a few seconds of hoping for different!


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