Friday, July 10, 2009

Simon Says "I'm Just Loafing Around"

MiMi and Aunt Kerrian took me out to lunch on Tuesday to Panera. Mommy is a BIG fan of bread and so MiMi wanted to see what I might think of it too. Well, I was just getting into it and had no complaints when, geesh, the photo opportunity was taken and then my loaf was taken too. Seems I have to wait on teeth before I can really chow down on what seems like a real treat! MiMi, Mommy and I are going to Virginia tomorrow and I'll get to meet a few more relatives. My Mommy's cousin, Will Kerrigan is engaged and we're off to a party to celebrate! I think it will help to begin to learn a few names before we join the whole gang in November!


  1. what a summer filled with travel and family lucky all of you are!

    thanks for all your support and love means the world to me ! and I'm working today on getting your package ready to mail to you..I woke to rain falling sideways and howling wind and dark skies.....PERFECT for being in my studio :)

  2. Gee! First isn't in nice to see Beth on here, too!

    Next, bread and you, a little piece of happy, huh?

    Have fun traveling tomorrow and meeting more of the clan! You will be one of the highlights; try not to steal the show Little Man. Which will be very hard...


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