Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simon Says "In the Blink of an Eye"

Can you tell? Look no bumbo seat, no props, it's me sitting up all by myself!!! Well, this may speak more to the quick speed of MiMi and her camera. We work on this new skill every day and the other day she was able to aim and click the shutter in a blink of an eye ... before I toppled . I am getting better and better and I like the freedom and independence this gives me. As you can see, my Grandpa Charlie angel bear was giving me a perfect example to follow!


  1. Hooray on new accomplishments, Little Man! Hooray!!!

  2. What a precocious child Simon is, very advanced for his years (months). Cute, keep it up. Love from the old folks, MiMi's Mom and Dad

  3. sitting up is huge and I love that stage !
    and so much better for photos :)

    now you can lay on your belly and take photos of him at his level...wait, that's what crazies like me try to do and it hurts....just put him on the kitchen table instead :)


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