Thursday, July 2, 2009

Simon Says "Ahhh, Summertime and the Living is Easy!"

As you can see, yesterday was a glorious summer day and perfect for a visit poolside. MiMi's friend, Deborah, came over after my nap and we spent some time visiting in the shade by the pool. Doesn't get much better than this does it? Well, maybe so ... remember tomorrow I leave on my roadtrip to NYC with Daddy and Mommy and we will have lots of new adventures! I work on boats too, like my Daddy, but as you can see it's more like trying to nibble down the mast! Hope your holiday weekend plans are coming along ... maybe a cookout, a picnic, the pool, friends and family, fireworks ... sounds like good times for all! It's time to celebrate the red, white and blue ... stars and stripes ... the good ole USA!


Isn't it fun to share? MiMi loves to share with me all of your thoughts or giggles about our little stories ... so please don't keep them to yourself ... we look for them everyday.