Sunday, October 31, 2010

Simon Says "Happy Halloween! My Treat - A Visit From My Aunties Lauren and Rama!"

Today Momma took Sam and I to Weber Farm
where we have gone to play with tractors,
hayrides, goats, punkins and a
special treat - apple cider doughnuts!

Today is also Halloween and my special "treat"
was waiting for me at the farm.
My Aunties Lauren and Rama came to play too!

And it was their first time to meet my little brother Sam!
We had lunch at MiMi's and I also had more time
to play and wear them out before naptime!
 Now before you go, I think you'll want to see
me in my dress rehearsal for later tonight!
Trick or Treat!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Simon Says "Sam You Are One Month Old ... Sorry No Party"

Can you believe it? I have been a BIG brother for
one whole month already!
There aren't any parties when you turn
one month old, but I told Sam
just wait until you turn one year old!

But let's not forget, before that happens,
we'll have a party when I turn TWO!!!
That's how high I know to count ... 1, 2!
So I am ready!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Simon Says "MiMi, What's Up With 'Fall, Oh So Beautiful'?"

My idea of falling, and I do it quite often
since I love to run and run fast, doesn't usually
make me think, "Oh beautiful!"
But now if it's the weather you want to talk about,
well, yes, that's been beautiful.
Another week of fun ... time to say goodbye to Sam & Momma.
 On the way out to MiMi's car, it's always fun to play
a little hide and seek!
 Awww, you found me!
 Hanging from a branch, you know
it's a favorite activity.
And visiting the neighbors punkins too!
I don't want to scare you, but look out ...
I love passing this as we drive away ...
a giant punkin and abug!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simon Says "When I Say I Was Hanging Around, I Mean It!"

MiMi loves to see me do this ... she kept saying,
"Do it again, I missed it"!  My arms are going
to be huge if we keep this up!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Simon Says "Me? I'm Just Hanging Around MiMi's"

Here's a new fun thing that MiMi showed me ...
I can see more of the world from up here
in the tree! But I also can't get down
and take off on a run around her
circle either.  Hmmm, MiMi, I need
some help here!!!

I'm thinking you might be guessing
that I went to visit my Dada down on the ship ...
but, no, we had to take Sam to the
doctor's office and this is where
MiMi and I played while we were waiting.
I might want to be a boat captain one day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simon Says "Sleeping To A Jackhammer = Bliss"

Yesterday and today have been a loud and noisy
blast at MiMi's!  Just my kind of fun!
MiMi's neighbors are getting a new driveway
and the old cement one had to go ...
so all day we had the jackhammers as 
background "music" to our day.  And let me tell you ...
I've never slept better!  Forget the ocean waves or
bird songs, I sleep best to a jackhammer!  Who knew?

Today they brought my favorite thing to use ...
a diggy!!!!

My Dadda found the perfect spot to take me
where we can park and watch the construction site
for a new school.  There are diggies and all sorts
of trucks and equipment.  When MiMi found out about
this, she decided to add it to our daily routine so
I was thinking that was just great!

Now this ... a diggy right next door to MiMi's!
I've offered to help out and you can see
I look pretty much ready to go, don't I?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Simon Says "The Latest in Cute - I've Got It!"

 We are feeling the nights getting a little colder
so it's time to try out the new jammies with feet! 
I think I can do this look ... what do you think?

MiMi says looking into my eyes makes
her heart melt ... so be careful!

(Photos by Elijah)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simon Says "Wash Up First Is The New Rule"

We all just love to touch my new little buddy, Sam
but Dada and Momma always remind me,
we need to wash up first. Sharing toys and blankies 
is fine, but we can't share the yucky stuff with him 
(at least not yet!)

 Here's my little buddy, Sam yesterday.

I am having the best time now that Sam has come 
because I am getting so much more time with
Momma and Dada too!