Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simon Says "Sleeping To A Jackhammer = Bliss"

Yesterday and today have been a loud and noisy
blast at MiMi's!  Just my kind of fun!
MiMi's neighbors are getting a new driveway
and the old cement one had to go ...
so all day we had the jackhammers as 
background "music" to our day.  And let me tell you ...
I've never slept better!  Forget the ocean waves or
bird songs, I sleep best to a jackhammer!  Who knew?

Today they brought my favorite thing to use ...
a diggy!!!!

My Dadda found the perfect spot to take me
where we can park and watch the construction site
for a new school.  There are diggies and all sorts
of trucks and equipment.  When MiMi found out about
this, she decided to add it to our daily routine so
I was thinking that was just great!

Now this ... a diggy right next door to MiMi's!
I've offered to help out and you can see
I look pretty much ready to go, don't I?


  1. Keep gaining all these new skills like construction, Simon. Maybe you can come work with Oma at Workforce Development!

  2. When my son Paul was a toddler, he was soooo in love with back hoes... His favorite book was a little Golden Book called "Busy Machines". He'd make me read it to him over and over and over. His favorite was when we would come to the page with the back hoe. And whenever he saw a real one somewhere, his hole body would stiffen in excitement, and he would say, "Wuk! Wuk! Bizy musheenz!!! bizy musheenz!!!"


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