Saturday, October 16, 2010

Simon Says "Me? I'm Just Hanging Around MiMi's"

Here's a new fun thing that MiMi showed me ...
I can see more of the world from up here
in the tree! But I also can't get down
and take off on a run around her
circle either.  Hmmm, MiMi, I need
some help here!!!

I'm thinking you might be guessing
that I went to visit my Dada down on the ship ...
but, no, we had to take Sam to the
doctor's office and this is where
MiMi and I played while we were waiting.
I might want to be a boat captain one day!

1 comment:

  1. Eileen ... This darling picture reminded me of the time when Em was just a little older than Simon and she escaped out the front door and climbed up our little Maple tree..WITH NO CLOTHES ON! The next door neighbor was nice enough to inform me before she called Child Protective Services... miss you ...Hope everyone is well. Goby


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