Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simon Says "Mmmm, Mmmm Good"

I really have gotten to like my breakfast cereal (who doesn't right?) and each morning at MiMi's I pray she's bringing me the yummy stuff when I hear her busy in the kitchen. Yep, I'm puttin on the pounds, but for now that's good for me! We're lucky enough to have a beautiful sunny day today so MiMi and I will be off for another long walk or who knows maybe some time by the pool too! It's the last day of June ... we're looking forward to July and all of the summertime fun. We know there's going to be a roadtrip, a visit from Aunties Lauren and Rama, some parties and who knows what else?! Hope you have some fun times planned too ... share your good ideas ... who knows we might just want to try it too!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Simon Says "Big News ... My First Road Trip!"

We had a weekend full of fun! Daddy went riding early Saturday and Mommy had the wedding shower so Oma & PopPop let me come over and play at their house! PopPop got me the cutest new onsie when he was away on his trip. Sorry, MiMi tried to show you all a picture of it but was having technical difficulties (she's wishing I'd hurry up and get my computer skills going so I can help her). Wait, look, finally success! When Daddy picked me up from Oma & PopPop's we went to the pool with friends. Later with Mommy, we all got together with Beth and her fiance, Pat, and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Hey Mommy, go light on the chili peppers please - or we'll both be sorry! Sunday was a day of rest ... as it should be. Aunt Kerrian and MiMi came over in the evening to take me on a walk in my neighborhood. I won't see Aunt Kerrian for a while. She's off on some fun trips ... first to Seattle and then to Italy. Well, my big news is that I am getting to take my first road trip! Yep, Mommy and Daddy made plans for next weekend to drive up to New York City for one night to see Beth and Pat's new apartment and then to another friends' home in Montclair, New Jersey. I hear there is no place like NYC ... well, here I come! It's a big holiday I hear, so we'll take in some fireworks too I'm sure! Stay tuned for my report!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Simon Says "Really, It's Friday Again Already?"

Wow, MiMi and I think our week together just zoomed by so fast! Don't we all look forward to the slower pace of the weekend? I know I'll get to visit with Oma and PopPop. And maybe Pat and Beth - our friends from NYC . Mommy is going to Beth's shower .... hmmm, does Beth need help for bath time like I do? Well, whatever you all have planned for the weekend, I hope you enjoy yourselves!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Simon Says "It's Me! Who Dat Askin?"

MiMi's sister Patty - that's my Great-Aunt Patty - just moved back to New Orleans a couple of months ago. She is now recruiting new fans for the Saints football team. My Uncle Charley is already one of their biggest fans and he will be glad to let me join in and cheer his team on! The saying is part of the fans' chant during games ... "Who Dat" short for Who dat thinks they're gonna beat the Saints? The Ravens will be my home team favs and the Saints my away team. Today MiMi took me on a run into Towson and we went visiting - the law office where MiMi had worked, the Post Office, and then a special time visiting with Oma. We went to the Courthouse gardens and sat in the shade - and Oma was able to show me off to a few of her co-workers. A really special treat happened when PopPop drove by just as we were crossing the street ... I got to see and be seen!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simon Says "A New Attraction at MiMi's House"

Mommy found this really cool jumper/swing a couple of months ago and gave it to MiMi for me to grow into - and finally I can spend a few minutes getting some real swinging exercise! It just makes me squeal with delight!
And then like any fun day at an amusement park, we go on to get a soft pretzel! Has anyone seen the funnel cake stand?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Simon Says "MiMi Has New Neighbors"

Remember I told you that with all of our rainy days, we've been stuck indoors just looking outside for entertainment. Well, we noticed recently that there is a new family that has moved in near the front door. MiMi hung this little house a couple of years ago and eventually somebody moves in each year. This is a house wren and the pair of them have been busy "furnishing" the nest. They have a pretty song and can be quite loud when they're sounding the alarm when we pass by. Hey, for me it provided a break ... MiMi had someone else to point her camera at ... the celebrity life is hard to take!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Simon Says "Who's A Big Boy Now?!"

Well today is another birthday of sorts ... I am now 5 months old! MiMi went up into her attic over the weekend and here's my new big boy chair. Pretty neat, huh! MiMi has a habit of collecting things over the years that she just knows she'll need one day! Well, see she was right! I came into her life and this is the perfect way for me to join the party at the table. Well, actually I need a little more time to develop the balance for sitting on my own, but get ready to make room for Simon at the next family dinner! We had a great weekend ... brunch at Oma and PopPop's for Father's Day. Daddy and PopPop seemed to enjoy their day. We had a fun visit back at our house with Pat Dieter, a good friend of Daddy and Mommy ... he's moving to Atlanta to take a new job and, what a coincidence, he will be living in the same neighborhood as my Aunties Lauren and Rama!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Simon Says "Let The Sun Shine, Let The Sun Shine ... The Sun Shine In"

Would you look at that!!! MiMi and I hopped right out for a walk while Mr. Sunshine was here for a visit. We can't believe it ... and he may not stay long, so we were off for a ride! Well, it is Friday again and I hope you have some fun plans for your weekend. PopPop is coming home tomorrow and we're having a nice brunch at Oma and PopPop's on Sunday for Father's Day. Spend some time sharing the love with your Dad, or a Grandpa, or that special friend who is like a father to you ... and if all else fails, MiMi says there are lots of "Fathers" and "Grandpas" in senior living near us all and they would love a visit to bring some "sunshine" into their lives!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Simon Says "MiMi Is Talking Alot About Some Guy Named Noah These Days!"

There was some old guy named Noah who had the same kind of weather we've been having here and from what MiMi says, he and my Dad have the same job ... boat building! So, Daddy, perhaps it's time to start filling your boat and we should get out of here in search of some sun! I am just a wee bit bored with days-on-end here looking out at the rain, rain and more rain! Is there anyone out there who has seen the sun around lately? If so, please send it back to Baltimore soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simon Says "A Pretty Girl Can Turn My Head!"

All of the cars, truck, and tractors this playground has pretty much had me completely transfixed ... but then there was this pretty girl who came into view and I couldn't help myself! My eyes sparkled and I gave her one of my winning smiles! I think we hit it off ... not only that, but she also loved getting some time on those sweet four-wheeled rides! My kind of lady!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simon Says "Here's My New Friend, Fiona Berry"

I would like to introduce you to my newest friend, Miss Fiona Berry, of Mechanicsville, VA. She is visiting in Maryland this week, going to "Grandparent's Camp" with MiMi's good friends Mike and Kathie Sullivan. So Fiona's Grammy decided that they could drive over to Baltimore and we could have a playdate! We had hoped to have a day at the pool, but once again the weather was more cloudy and cool than you would think for the middle of June. But we found some fun anyway. We walked to the big playground near MiMi's house and rode swings and other fun stuff. Then it was back to MiMi's for a yummy lunch, a little more playtime and then I was bushed and headed for a nap. When I woke up, they were already on their way back to Gram's ... it almost seemed like a dream ... and a good one! Come back soon Fiona!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Simon Says "Oh, Good Morning, Is It Monday Already?"

Mommy, Daddy and I had a great weekend! Hope the same for you all too. There was a big yard sale on Saturday in a neighborhood where MiMi's friends Deborah and Bruce live and MiMi had a table there too. Mommy and Daddy bought me some really, really cool things from a table down the street - wood building blocks, Tonka trucks and one other special thing. I hope to share a picture of my big treat in the next day or two. Then it was off to swim class for us ... we had a ball! We were able to go over and visit with PopPop on Saturday before he was leaving for a trip to visit his Dad ... my Great-Grandpop George. We went back over to spend some time visiting with Oma on Sunday afternoon too. We ran around with the usual weekend errands, but we have lots of fun together no matter what we're doing. I have a special new friend coming over for a playdate tomorrow and Oma is coming to MiMi's on Wednesday or Thursday! My social calendar is filling up, but there is always room for more, so come on over too if you can play! Okay, I'd better go get dressed! Have a good one!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Simon Says "Hey It's A Guy Thing!"

It has already begun ... yep, my TV time is nearly non-existent. MiMi usually doesn't let me get my mitts on the remote. Do you see that mesmerized stare going on there? As soon as the image on the screen gets into my view, I am hooked! MiMi tries all types of diversions, but I just can't seem to help it ... I can't hear her or see her anymore. MiMi says she is just one of many women I am sure to have in my life that are not going to be at all pleased with this. Hey, give a guy a break ... I'm a victim of genetics. It's kind of like the way MiMi's eyes glaze over when she is in front of the counter at Maggie Moos ... go ahead, just try to get her attention to talk with you about something other than the merits of sno-caps versus toffee chips in her mix. Well, enjoy your upcoming weekend ... if you're lucky enough to get in some TV time, I hope you can stay happily transfixed for at least a few minutes before you get caught!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Simon Says "Through The Mouth of Babes"

Remember my feet? Today it's all about my mouth! Pretty smoochable, right? Wait until I "find my voice". Hope MiMi remembers all of this cuteness!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simon Says "My Mommy's Making Changes - And I Don't Mean Me!"

My Mommy is making a big change in her career. She is an accountant (a numbers person) and for the last five years she has worked as an auditor with a large company downtown. Just recently she has been offered a job with a healthcare provider here in the Baltimore area and will be an Accounting Manager for LifeBridge Health Investments. She is very excited about this new opportunity and we all think they are very lucky to get such a great person on their team! Doesn't she look happy? and don't I look proud? Daddy and Mommy are both taking on a whole lot of changes in their lives ... at home with the addition of "me", and they each have brand new experiences at work. They are teaching me how to take on new challenges and become the best that I can be ... that's pretty much what my days are all about too. My new boss, MiMi, isn't too hard to take and I get a good report at the end of each day! Here is what I know about changes - pretty much each and every time I think ... hmmm, that really feels good! I wish you all well with the changes in your own lives!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simon Says "Aunties News of the Day"

Today I got to start my morning with two of my four Aunts. Here I am with Auntie Kerrian ... Since Auntie Lauren was in town she had a sleepover at MiMi's. Did I tell you she was a doctor? Well, she was getting in one last minute of fun with me before leaving for her clinic downtown. Auntie Lauren reports that Auntie Rama is much better since her accident and surgery. One more week in the therapy chair (aka torture chamber) and then a schedule of outpatient physical therapy can begin. I don't think I ever told you, my Aunt Julia also had a bad bike accident several weeks ago ... thank goodness no broken bones, but stitches over her eyebrow and lots of scratches and bruises. For Aunt Julia it adds to the image she likes for her roller derby career! We were all so glad it wasn't any worse. I'm thinking a big wheel tyke bike is about all I'll try for the next few years! And it wouldn't hurt to have Auntie Kerrian close by!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Simon Says "No Monday Blues For Me!"

We had a great weekend ... even though there still wasn't much sun shining in the sky on Saturday we had the fun of swim lessons and then I went to my very first birthday party! My friend, Oliver, turned one years old!! Then I got to visit with Oma and PopPop Saturday night when they came to stay with me ... it was "date night" for Mommy and Daddy! On Sunday, two things I love came back to Baltimore ... we were finally treated to sunshine! and my Aunt Lauren came back to visit!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simon Says "Finding Bright Spots on a Gray Day"

As you can see from the view out MiMi's door, it's a gray day here in B'more but MiMi and I like to sit by the glass and watch for the things we can see going on in the world on the other side. MiMi says that this weather doesn't stop the little critters from going about their busy lives out there. This morning we saw a rabbit on the patio, some birds hopping about the garden ... seems this is a perfect morning to go worm hunting. There are squirrels jumping around from limb to limb on the trees which seemed to upset a Robin ... MiMi says she's probably protecting her little ones. And looking out in the back and the front yards, we can see one of our favorites ... chipmunks. They seem to like making tunnels all around the steps and the gardens. MiMi has a statue of a little boy in the front garden along the steps up to her door and this chipmunk has taken a liking to sitting up on the head ... a perfect outpost to view his world. We laughed when we first spotted him the other day while watering ... now we catch him up there all the time. MiMi says it looks like one of the Davy Crocket hats her brothers used to wear ... that's a mystery to me, but do you remember them? If there is any kind of break in the weather, we'll be off for a walk later today. We're hoping if we watch long enough we might snatch a glimpse of the sun, but MiMi says that this may be the best view of the sun I'll get today!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Simon Says "MiMi and Me"

MiMi and I are usually on our own and so I'm the subject of all of MiMi's photography. Last Friday we had a treat and a visit from a friend, Jamie. She and I hadn't met yet, so now I've made another new friend! She loves photography too, like MiMi, and now we have a picture of MiMi and Me! Jamie's Mom, Deborah and my MiMi are best friends. They are planning on some fun playdates for all three of us this summer when the school year is over. I'm looking forward to the picnics and the walks and time sitting in the garden. I'm a lucky guy with so many women looking for ways to spend more time with me! Yea, I'm what they call a chick magnet ... now I hope I keep this magic working for me! Come back again anytime Jamie .