Monday, June 15, 2009

Simon Says "Oh, Good Morning, Is It Monday Already?"

Mommy, Daddy and I had a great weekend! Hope the same for you all too. There was a big yard sale on Saturday in a neighborhood where MiMi's friends Deborah and Bruce live and MiMi had a table there too. Mommy and Daddy bought me some really, really cool things from a table down the street - wood building blocks, Tonka trucks and one other special thing. I hope to share a picture of my big treat in the next day or two. Then it was off to swim class for us ... we had a ball! We were able to go over and visit with PopPop on Saturday before he was leaving for a trip to visit his Dad ... my Great-Grandpop George. We went back over to spend some time visiting with Oma on Sunday afternoon too. We ran around with the usual weekend errands, but we have lots of fun together no matter what we're doing. I have a special new friend coming over for a playdate tomorrow and Oma is coming to MiMi's on Wednesday or Thursday! My social calendar is filling up, but there is always room for more, so come on over too if you can play! Okay, I'd better go get dressed! Have a good one!

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  1. Naked Baby Time is simply the best! But, I guess you're right...if you're going to be playing with those new finds of yours, being in your play duds would be the best choice! Love to Oma for me and you know I always expect you to kiss MiMi for me!
    Hugs, Little Man!


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