Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simon Says "Here's My New Friend, Fiona Berry"

I would like to introduce you to my newest friend, Miss Fiona Berry, of Mechanicsville, VA. She is visiting in Maryland this week, going to "Grandparent's Camp" with MiMi's good friends Mike and Kathie Sullivan. So Fiona's Grammy decided that they could drive over to Baltimore and we could have a playdate! We had hoped to have a day at the pool, but once again the weather was more cloudy and cool than you would think for the middle of June. But we found some fun anyway. We walked to the big playground near MiMi's house and rode swings and other fun stuff. Then it was back to MiMi's for a yummy lunch, a little more playtime and then I was bushed and headed for a nap. When I woke up, they were already on their way back to Gram's ... it almost seemed like a dream ... and a good one! Come back soon Fiona!

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  1. I should send a photo of my Scottie Fiona to your friend Fiona so they of the same name can meet. That would be fun! She is very, very cute this new friend of yours!


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