Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simon Says "Finding Bright Spots on a Gray Day"

As you can see from the view out MiMi's door, it's a gray day here in B'more but MiMi and I like to sit by the glass and watch for the things we can see going on in the world on the other side. MiMi says that this weather doesn't stop the little critters from going about their busy lives out there. This morning we saw a rabbit on the patio, some birds hopping about the garden ... seems this is a perfect morning to go worm hunting. There are squirrels jumping around from limb to limb on the trees which seemed to upset a Robin ... MiMi says she's probably protecting her little ones. And looking out in the back and the front yards, we can see one of our favorites ... chipmunks. They seem to like making tunnels all around the steps and the gardens. MiMi has a statue of a little boy in the front garden along the steps up to her door and this chipmunk has taken a liking to sitting up on the head ... a perfect outpost to view his world. We laughed when we first spotted him the other day while watering ... now we catch him up there all the time. MiMi says it looks like one of the Davy Crocket hats her brothers used to wear ... that's a mystery to me, but do you remember them? If there is any kind of break in the weather, we'll be off for a walk later today. We're hoping if we watch long enough we might snatch a glimpse of the sun, but MiMi says that this may be the best view of the sun I'll get today!


  1. Little Man, there is a post coming up in a week or so about the chipmunks at Casa de Frock...We've trapped up to six of them and we ain't done yet.

    The chickadee picture? Love it....they are my favorite but I can't get them to come to my feeders which makes me sad.

    Do you have humming birds, yet? No sign of them here.

  2. You are getting cuter and cuter with every post. I love watching you grow. And I think I might recognize that onsie you're wearing:)
    We have hummingbirds that visit our back yard here in Seattle-- they are amazingly fast and fun to watch. The picture of the chipmunk on the statue is very entertaining!


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