Thursday, June 25, 2009

Simon Says "It's Me! Who Dat Askin?"

MiMi's sister Patty - that's my Great-Aunt Patty - just moved back to New Orleans a couple of months ago. She is now recruiting new fans for the Saints football team. My Uncle Charley is already one of their biggest fans and he will be glad to let me join in and cheer his team on! The saying is part of the fans' chant during games ... "Who Dat" short for Who dat thinks they're gonna beat the Saints? The Ravens will be my home team favs and the Saints my away team. Today MiMi took me on a run into Towson and we went visiting - the law office where MiMi had worked, the Post Office, and then a special time visiting with Oma. We went to the Courthouse gardens and sat in the shade - and Oma was able to show me off to a few of her co-workers. A really special treat happened when PopPop drove by just as we were crossing the street ... I got to see and be seen!!!


  1. Wait a minute... where are the FALCONS in that list??? Just wait'll I get to the Falcons store this season. You'll have a hat, a jersey, helmet... whatever you need to show of your TRUE team spirit!

  2. Who dat! I'm with you Simon we will take whatever we can get, your favorite away team is good for now, just make sure and not to be a fair whether fan unfortunatly the Saints have quite a few of those. We need you in for the long haul. GO SAINTS, Then GO Ravens, then GO Falcons and best of all GO SIMON!

  3. Umm, now you're in a bit of a quandry, Little Man, for if Grandpa Charlie were around, being as he went to grad school here in Pittsburgh, and I live here now, too...

    ...I'm thinking the Steelers would have been a great choice as your away team...

    Juz sayin'!

  4. Well Holly, the saving grace here is that since we also lived in New Orleans in the 70's, Charlie too was a Saints fan. But you're right, he'd be expecting me to be a Steelers fan too! I'm going to have to Tevo some of these games!

  5. I came this close to seeing you when you visited Oma's office. This is the second time you visited and I missed it! I'm so happy I was able to visit with you when your Mom and Dad visited Oma and I was at their house.

    I need to work on my timing at the office...


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