Monday, June 29, 2009

Simon Says "Big News ... My First Road Trip!"

We had a weekend full of fun! Daddy went riding early Saturday and Mommy had the wedding shower so Oma & PopPop let me come over and play at their house! PopPop got me the cutest new onsie when he was away on his trip. Sorry, MiMi tried to show you all a picture of it but was having technical difficulties (she's wishing I'd hurry up and get my computer skills going so I can help her). Wait, look, finally success! When Daddy picked me up from Oma & PopPop's we went to the pool with friends. Later with Mommy, we all got together with Beth and her fiance, Pat, and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Hey Mommy, go light on the chili peppers please - or we'll both be sorry! Sunday was a day of rest ... as it should be. Aunt Kerrian and MiMi came over in the evening to take me on a walk in my neighborhood. I won't see Aunt Kerrian for a while. She's off on some fun trips ... first to Seattle and then to Italy. Well, my big news is that I am getting to take my first road trip! Yep, Mommy and Daddy made plans for next weekend to drive up to New York City for one night to see Beth and Pat's new apartment and then to another friends' home in Montclair, New Jersey. I hear there is no place like NYC ... well, here I come! It's a big holiday I hear, so we'll take in some fireworks too I'm sure! Stay tuned for my report!


  1. Make sure to tell Mommy to sit with her hands over your ears so that the noise won't startle you and ruin the fireworks. It works great! Be safe in your travels Little Man and I'll be looking forward to the stories...because I just know there will be!

  2. OMG, you've turned into a little boy! Where'd the baby go?


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