Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Simon Says "MiMi and Me"

MiMi and I are usually on our own and so I'm the subject of all of MiMi's photography. Last Friday we had a treat and a visit from a friend, Jamie. She and I hadn't met yet, so now I've made another new friend! She loves photography too, like MiMi, and now we have a picture of MiMi and Me! Jamie's Mom, Deborah and my MiMi are best friends. They are planning on some fun playdates for all three of us this summer when the school year is over. I'm looking forward to the picnics and the walks and time sitting in the garden. I'm a lucky guy with so many women looking for ways to spend more time with me! Yea, I'm what they call a chick magnet ... now I hope I keep this magic working for me! Come back again anytime Jamie .


  1. It's Little Man, Mojo...I tell you it's impossible for us chicks to resist!

  2. I'll be back for sure - little simon superman stol' my heart ; )


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