Thursday, June 18, 2009

Simon Says "MiMi Is Talking Alot About Some Guy Named Noah These Days!"

There was some old guy named Noah who had the same kind of weather we've been having here and from what MiMi says, he and my Dad have the same job ... boat building! So, Daddy, perhaps it's time to start filling your boat and we should get out of here in search of some sun! I am just a wee bit bored with days-on-end here looking out at the rain, rain and more rain! Is there anyone out there who has seen the sun around lately? If so, please send it back to Baltimore soon!


  1. It's down here in Atlanta! I'll try to deflect some rays your way!

  2. So, here's the deal, Little could always be worse. We had flash flood watches last night. Not such big news except that we live in The Laurel HIGHLANDS! OMG...

  3. we have been blessed lately with sunshine, after a rainy start to our june...and I must say, it makes me so less cranky !


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