Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simon Says "My Mommy's Making Changes - And I Don't Mean Me!"

My Mommy is making a big change in her career. She is an accountant (a numbers person) and for the last five years she has worked as an auditor with a large company downtown. Just recently she has been offered a job with a healthcare provider here in the Baltimore area and will be an Accounting Manager for LifeBridge Health Investments. She is very excited about this new opportunity and we all think they are very lucky to get such a great person on their team! Doesn't she look happy? and don't I look proud? Daddy and Mommy are both taking on a whole lot of changes in their lives ... at home with the addition of "me", and they each have brand new experiences at work. They are teaching me how to take on new challenges and become the best that I can be ... that's pretty much what my days are all about too. My new boss, MiMi, isn't too hard to take and I get a good report at the end of each day! Here is what I know about changes - pretty much each and every time I think ... hmmm, that really feels good! I wish you all well with the changes in your own lives!

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  1. Trust me Little Man...MiMi is the better choice in boss because she is such a reasonable person. Now, I used to work for Grandpa Charlie! And, when you're bigger, I'll tell you some stories that will make you laugh and say, "No way?!"


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