Friday, June 19, 2009

Simon Says "Let The Sun Shine, Let The Sun Shine ... The Sun Shine In"

Would you look at that!!! MiMi and I hopped right out for a walk while Mr. Sunshine was here for a visit. We can't believe it ... and he may not stay long, so we were off for a ride! Well, it is Friday again and I hope you have some fun plans for your weekend. PopPop is coming home tomorrow and we're having a nice brunch at Oma and PopPop's on Sunday for Father's Day. Spend some time sharing the love with your Dad, or a Grandpa, or that special friend who is like a father to you ... and if all else fails, MiMi says there are lots of "Fathers" and "Grandpas" in senior living near us all and they would love a visit to bring some "sunshine" into their lives!

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  1. Rock on, Little Man! We're slated to get another inch and a half of rain starting today. Enjoy the men in your life, and if you have a moment, please send a prayer heavenward for our "Dad" as he is struggling with his chemo and treatments.

    Love To ALL!


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