Monday, June 8, 2009

Simon Says "No Monday Blues For Me!"

We had a great weekend ... even though there still wasn't much sun shining in the sky on Saturday we had the fun of swim lessons and then I went to my very first birthday party! My friend, Oliver, turned one years old!! Then I got to visit with Oma and PopPop Saturday night when they came to stay with me ... it was "date night" for Mommy and Daddy! On Sunday, two things I love came back to Baltimore ... we were finally treated to sunshine! and my Aunt Lauren came back to visit!

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  1. How wonderful of Aunty Lauren to return the sun to the world of MiMi and her Little Man. But, I'm thinking, anytime MiMi is with you, she feels the sun is shining brightly. Give Aunt Lauren a big hug for me!


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