Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simon Says "A New Attraction at MiMi's House"

Mommy found this really cool jumper/swing a couple of months ago and gave it to MiMi for me to grow into - and finally I can spend a few minutes getting some real swinging exercise! It just makes me squeal with delight!
And then like any fun day at an amusement park, we go on to get a soft pretzel! Has anyone seen the funnel cake stand?


  1. Little Man! It's great to have a chance to hear your voice and watch those legs of yours pump away! Olivia has decided her jumpy swing is as cool as you find yours! Oh, what fun with that MiMi!

  2. I love simon in that swing...
    I remember my kids loving to do the same thing many years ago...

    especially to music !!!

  3. Mimi that's not a REAL pretzel ... Aunt Goby told me that she knows you're fooling me 'cause it is BLUE ... just remember next time I'll KNOW!!!!
    Love, Aunt Goby


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