Friday, May 29, 2009

Simon Says "Where Will These Feet Take Me?"

MiMi is fascinated by many things about me but today she got fixated on my feet. When you look at babies' feet, don't you just wonder where in the world these feet will take them? Well, these are MiMi's thoughts today. What houses will these feet call home? What schools will these feet spend years learning in, walking and playing among friends? What parts of the world will these feet travel in on many an adventure? Will they help me compete in sports? climb a mountain? push the pedals on a piano? swim in some faraway seas? walk down an aisle to marry? These are questions that we don't always stop to think about, but life is full of mysteries ... and our future is one big mystery. MiMi tells me that the important thing to remember is that until I am in charge of these feet and can direct them to whatever places, people, or adventures, I choose ... these feet will be close to Mommy and Daddy's feet and they'll keep me safe. And then one day I'll take off on these two feet and the adventures of life will begin and I'll move them when I want and stop them to linger where I want. What a happy thought!


  1. I LOOOOVVVEEEE this picture. I adore baby feet; baby toes. They are the best! And, I'm not certain where these feet will carry you, but I know they will help you stand in a loving circle of people who will support in your journeys.

  2. you are so sweet and insightful!
    thanks so much for your kind made my heart smile and swell !!

    and now to give you praise for keeping up with, I forgot how busy babies are...they can really tire a person, huh ?

    and his little feet....and "oh the places he'll go" is so you have that book for him by any chance ?


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