Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simon Says "Another First For Mommy"

I feel like I'm one lucky little guy. There's someone who loves me to pieces and even if she's not with me every minute, every minute she is thinking about me and wondering what I'm doing. I only have one Mommy ... and right now Mommy only has one baby ... but MiMi was telling me that Oma is a Mommy of two, MiMi is a Mommy of four, Great-Grandma Kerrigan is a Mommy of seven, and there are some who are Mommies of many, many more. That's a huge amount of loving going on there! And it's not all fun and games ... no, Daddy tells me it's a boatload of work (my Daddy spends his days repairing or building boats and he knows a thing or two about work too) ... but back to Mommies ... I'm thinking they all probably deserve more than one day a year to hear about the great job they are doing. Tomorrow is "Mother's Day" and MiMi showed me a little book she got from one of her "babies" that's called, The Incredible Truth About Mothers, and it is filled with some of the cutest animal Mommies and babies. In his book Mr. Bradley Grieve says, "In return for all her countless hours of devotion and sacrifice, a mother just wants her children to be happy. Oh, and to occasionally hear four very special words: I love you, Mom!" So here goes ... I want you to know this today, tomorrow and everyday ...

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  1. And, I add my warm wishes that all the wonderful mothering spirits in your life have the most fabu day celebrating with you, Litte Man! That shirt is Rockin'!


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