Friday, May 15, 2009

Simon Says "Let's Party!"

Today is my Mommy's birthday!!! I worked hard to give her just what she has been wanting ... MiMi helped me wrap it ... she's gonna love it! Another thing Mommy will like for her birthday is to hear some good-news updates on Great-Grandma Kerrigan and Auntie Rama. I told you about Auntie Rama's surgery yesterday, and she was able to go home in the evening. We haven't talked to them yet this morning, so we hope that Aunties Rama and Lauren are resting. I never even got to tell you that my Great-Grandma went into the hospital yesterday too! She was feeling like the world was spinning and she wasn't on any amusement park rides. The doctors are giving her heart some special TLC and hopefully she will be able to go home later today. She still has to have her day of surgery which is now scheduled for next Friday, May 22nd. MiMi is stocking up on get well cards! My menu options have started to increase and now MiMi feeds me some cereal too ... so I'm thinking ... I might not be too far away from a nice big piece of Birthday Cake!!!


  1. poop! just what i wanted!! :)

  2. Simon,
    My mom finally got her act together and put some clothes in a box and mailed them to you. I think it only took her a couple of months. She probably could have walked them over in that amount of time, but anyway, look for a box in the mail mid-week
    From Harry Browder


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