Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Simon Says "It's Always Up or Down - If It's Down, Just Wait"

This month of May has really been all about ups and downs ... in our family we've had birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, fun trips, time with long-lost friends, and lots of just good ole fun times together. But we've also had job disappointments, sickness, accidents, hospitalizations, a death, depression, worry and adjusting to new life schedules. MiMi says it's all like playing on a see-saw and we should remember that it can be fun too ... hopefully you'll be sharing the ride with someone you love and they'll help you come back up if you're down.


  1. Little Man,
    That MiMi of yours has helped me on the teeter totter many times. When it's seemed like all I would have was the down part of the ride, she's been there to give me a boost up to the high side again. Isn't she just the best?

  2. How'd you get so insightful so quickly, young man?


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