Monday, May 25, 2009

Simon Says "This Is Memorial Day - Do You Have Your Flag Out?"

These are MiMi's flags on display in her front yard for this holiday. My Aunties Lauren and Rama made these flags. They like to build with tools too! Do you know what this special day is for? It is a day to remember and honor all of the men and women who have been in the military services who have given their lives for our country. That is quite a sacrifice and we all should honor them. I come from a family with many relatives who have been in or are in the military. Here they are: Col. William E. Kerrigan, USMC Ret. (Great-Grandpa) Lt. Col. Dennis W. Kerrigan, USMC Ret. (Great-Uncle) Cmdr. Kevin R. Kerrigan, USN Ret. (Great-Uncle) Col. Terence K. Kerrigan, USMC Ret. (Great-Uncle) Major Mark Lockard, USAF Ret. (Great-Uncle) Lt. Kyle Kerrigan, US Army (2nd Cousin) Capt. William T. Kerrigan, USMC (2nd Cousin) Capt. Colin Kerrigan, USAF (2nd Cousin) Cmdr. Joseph W. Mross, USN Ret. (Great-Grandpa) Robert Lee Brundage, USAF (Great-Grandpa) Mstr. Sgt. George Racicot, US Army (Great-Grandpa) Sp.4 Paul J. Racicot, US Army (PopPop) Sgt. 1st Class George Racicot, Jr., US Army (Great-Uncle) Our family has been so lucky that we have not lost one of our own, but I am sure that all of my brave relatives could tell us stories of some of their fellow soldiers who were lost. Maybe your family has lost a loved one and we know you miss them very much. So for all of them and for the others, let us all join the nation and take a minute at 3pm in silence to say "Thank You for Your Service"!

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  1. Lovely Post, Little Man. I salute all in your family who have served us so well. And, I salute you and MiMi for reminding us. HUGS!!!


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