Sunday, May 3, 2009

Simon Says "My Poor Auntie Rama"

Today my Aunties Lauren and Rama and their friend Lindalisa went biking on some trails near their home in Atlanta. Aunt Lauren called MiMi to tell us there was a terrible accident. They were coming down a long hill and going pretty fast and suddenly Rama had to swerve and brake hard and she crashed to the ground. She had to go by ambulance to the hospital and she has broken her left arm in two places and dislocated her shoulder. MiMi says that is a major "OUCH"! After about 6 hours in the Emergency Room they went home, but poor Rama is going to be feeling sore and sad for a while. Please say a little prayer that this will heal quickly and poor Auntie Rama will be smiling like this again soon! Here's an update ... I think Rama is talking to MiMi in this picture. MiMi broke a bone and has dislocated her shoulder too, so they now speak the same language of boo-boos. We hope Aunt Rama gets some good news from the specialist today.


  1. Little Man:
    Reiki Energy winging its way to Aunt are such a wonderful nephew to worry so much!

  2. oh my! I had no idea this bike accident caused so many problems! HUGE prayer that she'll feel the love and grace of all of us surrounding Rama! xoxo

  3. It's been quite an adventure, but not one I recommend. Rama has an "unexpected miracles" charm hanging from her sling, so we're hoping for an unexpectedly fast recovery!

  4. Happy Birthday to Rama! It's going to be better each day and soon a distant memory.


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