Saturday, May 2, 2009

Simon Says "Bring on The Weekend"

Do the weeks seem to fly by for you too? MiMi and I had a great week ... we had a house full with Aunt Lauren visiting and that was nice. Now she's gone home to Atlanta and I'm home with Mommy and Daddy. We're usually off and running to do errands, see friends, take walks and just hang out. It gives MiMi a chance to rest up and not think about bottles or diapers for a few days. And MiMi put together a new "entertainment seat" for me on Friday and I heard her yelp when she pinched a finger or two, so she probably needs a rest! There's a new blog about a little boy Sammy and his Mommy that MiMi thinks you'll find more than entertaining ... so if you like that sort of thing, go to


  1. Little Man,
    Today I was in the rest room, and in the stall next to me I heard a little one talking to the woman who was in there, too. And, my ears really perked up when I heard the tiny wee voice saying, "MiMi, listen, I tinkling!" Another wonderful MiMi in the world. It can only be a good thing, I tell ya!

  2. And MiMi lives for the day to hear those same words spoken to her!!! Oh, happy days!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello... and for also saying such nice things about my blog !!

    and how lucky are you to be a "MiMi"...babies are one of my favorite things in this world...especially on those days when I all I see is the bad...


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