Thursday, May 21, 2009

Simon Says "My Dad's New Teacher - I Bet His Favorite"

For the past several years my Daddy has been working on the restoration crew for the USS Constellation at the Inner Harbor. Have you seen that beautiful big tall ship? Have you ever gone onboard for one of their tours? That is really a wonderful thing to do and you'll learn so much. Well, it takes a lot of work to keep that ship in ship-shape ... but it's the work my Daddy loves with tools and wood and you can get as dirty as you need to! Now my Daddy has a new job which is really like going back to school. And his new teacher is Bruce MacKenzie ... he'll be learning boat building from the best. Bruce was named Baltimore's Best Boat Builder by City Paper! They work in a beautiful shop at the Maritime Museum and they are building the Quarter Boats to go on the Constellation. Daddy feels so lucky to have this special job, but MiMi tells me it was his skill and hard work that made this possible. We are so proud of him! If you want to see a really good video that shows Bruce talking about boat building you can copy and paste the link to watch. Enjoy! Come down to the harbor this summer and visit the ship. They hope to have the new Quarter Boats done by early fall. The Maritime Museum Boat Builder and Teacher

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  1. I miss the Harbor, Little Man. And, good for your Dad. I met a man in Barbados who is friendly with the man who built the Pride of Baltimore. Was that your Daddy's new teacher?


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