Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simon Says "Do You Know Your Angel?"

MiMi has been telling me about Angels ... don't they sound just like best friends? I think it is really nice to know that there is someone near us, looking out for us, ready to listen, and perhaps make us feel as though they have their wings wrapped around us to protect us. My very special Angel is my Grandpa Charlie. MiMi thought this little bear would be a nice reminder. Do you see his wings? Here he is by my side and I like to think he's always there. If you don't know your special Angel, just whisper "Hello, are you there?" ... then listen closely ... maybe deep in your soul you'll hear them say, "Yes, here I am!"


  1. Oh, Little Man, if Grandpa CDM, is your special angel, trust me, you'll know it. Having worked for him for several years, I feel I know him pretty well. He has a way of rushing in and out and you'll most likely feel the breeze of his passing when he shares his love and words with you.

    I have been in a love relationship with my Guardian Angel since I was four years old. One day, I will tell the tale.

    Angel kises to you today.

  2. MiMi,
    I am loving your new favicon! However did you do it?!

  3. Holly, MiMi has some very special angels all her own! If you see her in the mirror today tell her Simon and I said many thanks!


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