Thursday, May 14, 2009

Simon Says "Here is the News We've Been Waiting For!"

Lauren just called MiMi at 4:30 and said that Rama's doctor came out of the OR all smiles (see that!) to report that Rama has been fixed-up good as new! The surgery took an extra long time because the bone was broken in several smaller pieces and a more complicated fix than he has expected. This boo-boo has turned out to be a little more than a boo-boo bunny could fix ... but it sounds like she has had very good care today. She gets to go home later tonight and now the trip down the road to healing can really begin ... and she won't be going by bike! Lauren will be a good companion and nurse's aide and Rama's friends are all offering to help out. We are so happy that she is being given so much TLC!!!

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