Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simon Says "I Need To Give You More"

What? You didn't know? Well then I guess I need to give you some updates. My Great-Grandma Kerrigan is doing alright but says she's probably had too much time waiting for her day of surgery ... getting anxious and ready for it to be over. Everyone tells her she will feel better overall and she is looking forward to that! She'll have her surgery next Wednesday, May 20th. My Auntie Rama's surgery has been rescheduled and now it is tomorrow, Thursday, May 14th at noon. It can't come soon enough for her either. MiMi tells me that the doctor gets to use real tools like drills and hammers and screws ... hmmm, sounds like an interesting building project. I am hoping that they both have good experiences in the hospital ... my Angel, Grandpa Charlie will be hanging out near them to look out for them because he knows how a good hospital should work! My Mommy, my Oma and my MiMi all had wonderful Mother's Days ... Daddy helped me give them just what they love ... a picture of Me!!! He handmade frames and I smiled a BIG smile!

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  1. thank you.....
    and sophie is our 12 year old coton de tulear....the love of our lives !!


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