Thursday, April 30, 2009

Simon Says "My Great-Grandma Needs Some TLC"

MiMi has learned about the "good news / bad news" of my Great-Grandma's doctor's advice. She had to go meet a new doctor to learn more about her heart (for all of us that she loves, we know she has a BIG one to love so many of us!). The good news is that she liked him very much and he said he can make her feel so much better. The bad news is that it requires a stay overnight in the hospital and a surgical procedure. Even though her own son is a surgeon, going through that kind of thing is still scary. So, please say a prayer for my Great-Grandma and send her a dose of courage too. She should get a lot of special care for the next couple of weeks so that she can be feeling her best again real soon. We all love you grandma and for all of us you are "Great"!

1 comment:

  1. Little Man,
    Great Grandma is now on my list for those in need of distance healing. Reiki winging its way to her heart and all of yours.


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