Monday, April 20, 2009

Simon Says "Check Out My Ride!"

MiMi's good friend, Erin, has a little girl and a little boy all her own ... but they're kind of big kids now. Look how lucky I am ... they let me borrow this wild animal print carseat for my rides in MiMi's car. And they let Oma & PopPop borrow one too, so I am all set for lots of adventures!
On Sunday, Mommy and I went with MiMi and Aunt Kerrian to visit Sherwood Gardens to walk in the park and see all of the tulip gardens. MiMi and I think that the walks in her neighborhood are really just as pretty. Did you see the pictures MiMi shared yesterday? It's a good way to learn your numbers and your colors by looking at the spring flowers!


  1. Little Man!
    Talk about Pimp My Ride!!! Ain't you just stylin'?!

  2. Yes, and we've managed to get our lunch in too!


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