Monday, April 13, 2009

Simon Says "Meet My New Friend, Harrison Xavier Mulready"

MiMi and Auntie Kerrian went down to Virginia to some horse races. I've got to figure out what a horse is. My Auntie's best friend was visiting from Denver and she has a little boy, Harrison, who is just about my same age. MiMi will show you our two pictures together so you can see my new friend. Can you tell us apart?
Mommy, Daddy & I had a fun Easter too ... Oma & PopPop had us over for a yummy Easter dinner with Auntie Julia. It was a sunny day, but still too cold for all of us. Did the Easter bunny visit your house too?


  1. Little Man,
    Although it was only 28 degrees on Easter morning, the Rabbit made it to our house and brought an Easter Basket for Grace. It was very fun, but we agree with you...too cool for this time of year. I'm glad you had time with Oma and PopPop!

  2. Simon gets cuter each day! The Easter bunny must have had a hard time hopping on to the next basket.


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