Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simon Says "I Like Being MiMi's Landscape Architect"

MiMi was away for the weekend and now that she's back, it's time to spend in the garden out back. Mommy shared some of her plants from our backyard ... the Bleeding Heart behind me came from my yard. I am thinking maybe some pansies would go nicely too. What do you think? We had a busy weekend ... seeing Oma and PopPop now that they're home again (hurray!) ... some shopping at our favorite second-hand sale ... visits with old friends ... and perfect weather for the outdoors! I hope you all had the same kind of fun-filled days. Auntie Lauren came back to Baltimore with MiMi so I get to have some more time to play with her! I'm going to ask her to go for a walk right now!

1 comment:

  1. Little Man, you look like a guy who had one too many beers and is beginning to give himself over to a nap in his favorite easy chair!! Glad to see you again...I missed you while you and that glob trotting MiMi of yours were MIA!


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